Using social action activities and employer contacts, Croydon HeadStart Action engages with, and inspires young people aged 14 to 18


Key features of the project include:


  • Young people set at least five individual targets for progress - These include personal targets
  • Milestones are fluid and reviewed monthly - Support Workers offer direct support to each young person that is responsive and flexible  
  • Milestones are presented as SMART (Specific Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Bound) targets 


Learning Agreement

  • Each young person has a learning agreement  - This agreement outlines their programme, attendance requirements, expectations and confidentiality arrangements.


Social Action Activity

  • We support young people to agree and deliver a programme of Social Action activities in their community.  
  • Young people take part in AQA accredited  activities and a one night residential camping activity

 Business placement and support 

  • 10 hours of activity are delivered by Play Place and guided by our business / enterprise partners.
  • The programme is not prescriptive; we spend time consulting with businesses and young people who have taken part in our previous employability programmes to help us shape this module
  • Examples include CV writing, sports programmes, healthy living, motor mechanics and maintenance, our Music Production Project and ICT suite   

 Ongoing support

  • Young people have one to one sessions - support workers discuss the next stage and transitioning to a positive pathway.


  • Play Place engage with employers to ensure that all of the young people who complete stages one to four have a meaningful interview  
  • Young people who are aged 14 -16 receive “mock” interviews in a controlled, professional environment with an employergiving feedback
  • Young people who are aged 16 -18 will be supported to gain interviews with employers; Play Place will work with Croydon Works who will support the process - young people who start work will be supported during the transition to becoming employees   
  • We support young people to invite friends and family to a graduation activity 


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Supported/managed by London Youth

Mayor of London

Violence Reduction Unit (VRU)