Play Place Innov8 CIC is a constituted community interest company providing a range of activities on a not for profit basis for children, young people and communities. Our published community constitution which is supported by a volunteer Board of Directors includes:

  • Working with children, young people and adults
  • Community development and participation
  • Creative environmental projects
  • Specialist services to vulnerable young people



We provide a range of educational and leisure activities in Croydon, Bromley, Dartford, London and Sevenoaks. Our projects reach some of the most disadvantaged communities, often providing support where nothing has existed before and where our input may has a significant impact. Our values include supporting an Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) approach and we develop services that get communities working together.

Currently we deliver:

  • 40 weekly children and youth 'Our Space' clubs
  • A music studio
  • Consultation activities
  • Roadshows and creche events,
  • Croydon Auto Bike Scheme,
  • 4 Community Hubs,
  • Holiday schemes,
  • Volunteer training programmes


 Delighted that our Millie is a delegate to be Young Mayor of Croydon 


Summer Fun 2020

Addington Summer Fun 2020


Croftleigh Summer Fun 2020


Propeller Summer Fun 2020


Shrublands Summer Fun 2020


Tollers Summer Fun 2020


Resources to download and print: 

Download our constitution here

Download our volunteer training Information and application here