Youth projects and community activities:

  • Youth and community activities are delivered by Play Place Innov8 CIC, a not for profit company
  • We have a volunteer Board of Directors
  • We promote a positive approach and an awareness of our communities
  • We use a youth lead approach to learning, promoting creativity and learning through making choices
  • We promote activities that get young people and adults involved in their community
  • We support residents to volunteer in their community
  • Our curriculum is designed to offer a range of experiences including ICT, art and crafts, sports, knowledge and skills
  • We take a curriculum and outcome driven approach to supporting young people

Nurseries, Pre-school and After-schools:

  • Play Place Childcare Service Ltd provide all Ofsted registered activities
  • Our curriculum is designed to meet Ofsted standards
  • Each child has his or her keyworker who gets to know the child's individual needs
  • All of the nurseries and after school clubs have a large selection of toys, equipment and resources - so children can play in a happy and safe environment
  • If any child has sickness or diarrhoea, we ask that they stay away from the setting until the symptoms have stopped for 48 hours
  • Each setting has written policies and procedures which are available for parents and carers to read, at all times

In our nurseries, we follow these principles of the Early Years Foundation stage:

  • Enabling environments
  • Unique child
  • Positive relationships
  • Learning and development
  • Our delivery is supported by Early Years Foundation stage (EYFS)
  • Everything we do is underpinned by Every Child Matters and the Children's Act 2006
  • We work in partnership with families and carers
  • We develop close links with other professionals in delivery partnerships and build teams around the child